Saturday, June 16, 2018

Someting "new"

Bitcoin gallery and art chain, is this the "new" when it comes to marketing our art. Here's a fascinating article worth reading from Art Net News about a stunning 1.3 million dollar sale using cryptocurrency ....and it's an online gallery. 

I think it's more exciting to be at the beginning of innovation than the end. It's a very efficient marketing system, a business model that will change the traditional bricks and mortar (B&M) gallery system. And more importantly perhaps drive corrupt, greedy governments nuts over anonymity! I place art akin to securities and the stock market. Each has a perceived valve and fluctuates with the free market.

Here are some of the benefits:
  • Art is shipped when sold, directly to buyer, buyer pays shipping including return shipping. 
  • Lower selling fees - traditional galleries have heavy overheads to support. Beside the fact, there are not enough (B&M) to support the industry!
  • Stronger representation to the global public with flexible currency exchanges. 
  •  Global shippers are plentiful.
  • The most important thing here would be good digital images.  Something we already do on our websites. Websites can be linked....something traditional B&M would never do....ever.
  • In many respects art does sell itself. This system creates a simple agent/portal to complete the transaction. Amazon has proved this part works well!
  • Current art websites allow single imaging without interference from the next....a focus, a single wall to shine and be a star. If you think about this, B&M fail miserably at this . 
  • The online gallery gives an equal footing to each artist. The market will determine success or failure more equally. 
  • Art Chain ### number (like a social security number) gives each piece of art provenance till the end.  However if you loose the registry number its gone forever.... The number can not be retrieved nor can the same piece be  re-register. Read this link  
  • No physically consigned work. Galleries using our money, our resources to fill their walls with free inventory!
  • No shipping costs or retrieval costs or gallery change outs. The work leaves our hands when we sell it and not before.
  • No lackluster presentations from galleries with too little space and poor sales staff or limited traffic or operating funds.
  • No galleries representing too many artists and fail.

This was my pros and cons list to understanding the advantages  of blockchain and cryptocurrency as an artist. No question there is a lot to absorb before jumping into anything new. So far I have no found serious negative other than market fluctuation. 

BTW, Bitcoin Gallery linked to my website.......:=)

From an artists standpoint..... whats not to like. The question on my mind.......finding the downside?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer project, "At the Kelp Garden Ballroom"

It's been an interesting last few days. My computer up and died, and with it tons of information, some lost forever. The upside, I always enjoy a fresh start...:=)

Gladly back to my daily routine and summer project. So far its produced a lot of blue paintings, even though there was a bit of a shift here, still in blue family.... something to work on.

"At the Kelp Garden Ballroom" 40x36 oil on linen (6-8-18 canvas 1258)

Next is a freshly stretched 48x44 canvas - no clue what will be on it yet......

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer project, "The Curtsy" to his Bow...

If we have a bow, we must have a "Curtsy". This will be the companion canvas representing respect and the formal introduction between two Mer creatures.


Left hand, too small - Right hand, just right

still not there!

The same red circle is still hanging around at days end, now joined by two new ones. The overall painting is moving along rather nicely. Tomorrow will be a busy day at the easel.

"The Curtsy" 24x24 oil on linen (6-2-18 canvas 1257)

The after session red circles can easily jump start the next session. If you think about it, all you have to do is pick one to get the ball rolling. Once issues are segmented out from the whole, energy is focused where needed. Resolved separately, they also can fit variable time constraints.

This morning comes with fresh thoughts, a bigger canvas and a.......we'll see.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Problem solving & red circled lines

One of the things I like about painting is explosive problem solving on the fly. Most buzz by in a flash but then one gets stubborn and won't cooperate..... reminds me of some little curtain climbers that use to hang around here.

My summer project is still in its infancy so, there's a lot to figure out about my Mer creatures. At the end of the day, I enjoy reviewing the days work. Its a very revealing process.... perhaps equal to next day eyes. Like a teacher, each evening issues are often circled in red for correction..... less we forget the next day:=)


Okay, much better, still not happy with this small area circled in red..... especially at a distance! So, in the morning it might be worth a few more marks to get my butt across the finish line.


 "His Bow" 24x24 oil on linen (5-30-18 canvas 1256)

Time to think about the next!

Monday, May 28, 2018

All we need is a title, the last detail


I like where this one is headed. Unlike the  last one it won't get a "Free-range Pass", because this one will be under strict  supervised play time.  If it cooperates, a nice wall will be waiting with open arms!

Canvas 1255 (1,440 sq. in.)

The most important detail of this 1,440 sq. inch work will revolve around the hands......not many square inches compared to the whole. But, if it fails, my canvas will fail too. Capturing the essence of this moment is completely dependent on it. 

The hair expansion and dorsal connection is another tricky detail. Part of her back light could be sacrificed. Not if I can help it!

Painting  a small detail loosely, closeup, is challenge enough.... getting it to read at 30 feet is almost beyond my ability. The male's arm is not working for me.  Looks like a full day of problem solving ahead!

Yesterday was a good day, all red lines were resolved! Some favorite details and new red lines below

One final red-line to project this offshoot forward..... the background needs further darkening..... more noticeable at a distance. Since this is a new day with fresh eyes, more things could find improvement!

Well... fresh eyes do cause  heartaches if you let them, another red-line!! On the surface not a big deal, passable perhaps. I know the camera is doing some of this but the area needs to be darker.... could be a few connection marks or a repaint..... we'll see!

ALL WE NEED IS A TITLE...The last detail
"Untitled" 40x36 oil on linen (5-28-18 canvas 1255)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Can you cram anymore in it!

My last summer project canvas failed by wife, Brenda's only comment "Can you cram anymore in it" :=) After that I couldn't even find a favorite detail worth sharing! I even turned it around not to look at it! Laughably a lousy painting....... perhaps my all time worst canvas, on and on!!!

"Couples" 48x44 oil on linen (5-22-18 canvas 1254)

That was yesterday, got it out of my system by writing a (deleted) temper tantrum, perhaps a bit too harsh today. My thought today, if I couldn't warmup to the whole, decluttering and refocusing with selective cropping could salvage it.   


"Outing" 48x22 oil on linen (canvas 1254a cut 5-22-18)

"Encounter" 12x24 oil on linen (canvas 1254-b cut 5-22-18)

Well, maybe, maybe not. In the larger plan an important goal was accomplish..... it solidified an important design element, how my Mer creature backs will look by merging hair to dorsal fins. It's also clear the project narrative will avoid  traditional folklore  associated with mermaids and humans but be without humans.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Back to my summer project

JUST BEFORE SIP went on Summer schedule there was something that had my interest... a subject about folklore which inspired a batch of 16x20 preparatory studies.... not my norm. So, this was how my summer project, Imagination & folklore started.


ONE OF MANY THINGS about this particular subject... there's really not much useful information out there. It obviously always required some imagination, since Mer's (mermaids and mermen) were and are a figment of our imagination, steeped in folklore. To me it meant developing my own version from "almost scratch". How will this actually work on canvas?

 "Mer's, Sirens of the Sea" 40x36 oil on linen (5-18-18 canvas 1252)