"Swimming in Paint"

This is about the most fascinating career choice I ever made, that of an Oil Painter

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Artists on the road?

Part of my plan buying an RV was to move art around from gallery to gallery. Shipping art around is a big deal. Rotation has to be easy for everyone involved.


My many other thoughts were to use "Sunshine" as a traveling art studio.... paint the US and do art fairs. So, things that would not normally interest me, do now. I get daily emails from Juried Art Services about opportunities to exhibit in countless national show venues. So, with this in mind, I am looking at some of the more intriguing ones with locations I would like gallery representation in. Aside from paintings, I also have, as many artist do, good quality Giclee reproductions available. This is a product that would be marketable and compatible with art fairs.....the affordable part.

Here's another one, ARTIST DEMOS, a serious tool if you're reasonably fast, and is a serious edge, because it gives folks a reason to stop and chat and guess what else!!


In may respects this idea is a significant marketing tool on a more personal meet and greet scenario than national advertising to market our wares.


Well, oddly, so far not much on "You Tube", my go to place for info or Google about the artists themselves. You would think there would be tons of stuff out there.......not! At least not in my search so far. On the other hand "You Tube" had a wealth of related information on countless fronts. The right search words perhaps. I would like to know how they, artists, get from place to place and what they do through the whole process. Its not hard to imagine it would be fun and entertaining but what's the down side........the financial part? I know their stories are out there somewhere....its logical, especially with the plein air movement in full swing like it is.

We all have this deep down desire to hit the road and paint the world. RV living is a big deal too, and not exactly uncomfortable either. Nice match for an adventurous working artist.

There are plenty of art fairs, upscale tent shows and plein air events all over the US. So....where are their stories??? Most likely on social media and blogs like this one. The search is on.

In the meantime, if you are thinking of entering this sandbox, you need equipment beyond a mobile studio/home. I'm a planner so I like to start from the foundation up!

Art Fairs, you need a tent, not the kind you sleep in, but sell from. I like RED! EURMAX, below; seems to be a good system.....AND WATERPROOF

 Eurmax 10x10 Display Canopy White (waterproof)
Price: $229.95

Display, I found this very light weight panel system (very complete) PRO PANELS.

I like this layout (below)

Cart, PRO PANELS thought of everything including a way to move stuff around, a breakdown cart

SET UPS, I looked around and found many nice ways to use the PRO PANEL SYSTEM in tent show applications.

NOTE: Good graphics are important as in a sign (above)

Marketing material handouts

Okay, no question you can put a good system together that will make any outdoor juried show happy. How art is displayed, our marketing material affects perceived value and how we are viewed professionally. So, this part is important!

The upscale art fairs require a booth presentation photo. a sampling of your work along with jury and booth fee....$$$$$$$. Probably $400 to $600 if accepted. Link to one received a few minutes ago.

Beverly Hill, California

It looks like a startup budget of $2000 to $3000 for basic equipment would cover getting into the first event.

YIKES! And a way to tote all this stuff around, not to mention products like art and art equipment...... mmmmmmm

Monday, July 10, 2017

A day of painting (Sunday)

Sunday's Swimming-in-Paint was great! I managed another sunrise (below) Its more refined than the two previous fast and furious style. Kinda working up to a big one....I think. There were going to be a few wild horses but...never got around to it. Moody atmosphere won out:=)

Canvas 1158 Sunrise 18x14 oil on  linen (7/89/17)

The Swimming-in-Paint team had a good weekend painting! 
(some Sunday photos to share)

Longstreet's, new peacock painting  progressed well on her second day

(background development)

At the end of the day, Liz has lots more to go, but is well on her way. Liz, like myself, only works on one painting at time, a very efficient way to work and it shows in her work (below).

Liz brought in her (3) "WOW" award works to be dressed up and displayed on the Swimming-in-Paint walls at Crossroads July 21st opening!

 Barbara's, Peony's were started a few weeks ago at the end of a Sunday session and finished this Sunday to a sign off!

Mike's, moody seashore canvas was started Saturday (last post).

At end of the day, Mike's Sunday project formed a light pattern filtering down, targeting his star players on the evening beach. Nice job, but some homework ahead....

Susan's, day was finishing her holiday commission.

 Another that needed a bit more attention

All-in-all Susan had a good painting day with (2) sign offs!! Susan is also working on her signature too!

Ronda's day was a recent vacation photo from Ireland's seashore cliffs
(palette knife block-in)
End of day, a misty grey day atmosphere is well in hand. This canvas "is" swimming in wet paint..... Love it!

Bonnie's finished "Glory in Provence"  canvas
(an unfinished canvas)
More about this water tower next week......

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A day of painting (Saturday)

It was nice getting back with the team yesterday after our 4th of July break. We all had our agenda's from new starts to finishing touches. Mine was making a new sunrise working off a 16x20 linen pad (below)

SUNRISE 1157 (14X18)


Mike, finishing touches to a stillife & a new start
A quick block-in, sets Mike up for our Sunday session tomorrow.

 Longstreet's new peacock - Saturday progress

 Bonnie, with some last minute finishing touches to Violet fields

 Susan, shown here finishing up a commissioned figure painting.

Enjoy your Sunday!

The gang will be Swimming-in-Paint at Crossroads

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Working with the sun

My mainstay is the sun. This month is all about the sun. My settings will vary. I'll begin with fast warmups like the one below and see where it goes. 

I also need some small submission works for OPA Eastern, due later this month. Perhaps some will make the grade.

 1156 Sunrise 14x18 oil on linen (7-7-17)

This month is special because we added a small RV to our tool box....... A fully self-contained mobile studio (with an awning) able to search out the morning and evening sun. How cool is that! Oddly, this little baby is actually called a "Sunseeker"..... seems appropriate to me it should do just that. Among this lot of paintings, some are sure to be plein air.... something I have not done in awhile.


Swimming-in-Paint also starts a new month this morning. I'm looking forward to a fun day painting with the team.